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The Kruger National Park is a world renowned icon and arguably the best national park in the world. It holds a special place in the hearts of many people, both local and international.

Having come well over 115 years since conception it has a rich and colourful history, having overcome many challenges and tribulations. It commenced back in the South African Republic when South Africa as we know it today was divided in many respects. The Park has seen many extremes, from serious droughts, deadly fires to immense flooding. Much of society is intricately linked to it, whether having lived there and been forcibly removed during early years, or those that worked hard and gave everything (sometimes their lives) in realizing this dream of a world class national park.

This site is committed to all those with an interest in how it all started and how it became – from a Cinderella becoming a princess – as quoted by Colonel James Stevenson Hamilton. It wil hopefully assist all in understanding Kruger’s complexities and value to all in the world and ultimately ensuring the qualities all have enjoyed thus far are guaranteed for generations still to come.

2 thoughts on “About Kruger History

  1. de Wets Wild

    Congratulations on getting “Kruger History” off the ground Joep! We know it will be a labour of love and look forward to learning a lot about our favourite place on earth from you!



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